Eastern Michigan University Projects

Below is a collection of some of the projects that I have completed during my undergraduate study at Eastern Michigan University. Many of the other projects I completed at EMU have been lost, so this is a small sample of the work I completed.

File Processing and Cobol Programming, IS 219

IS 219 was the first programming class in a series of four classes offered by the University. The programs written for IS 219 were implemented with Cobol. This was the first and the last time I ever used Cobol. I have to question why the school still used Cobol for this introductory course. It would have been more beneficial to learn a language such as C.

Programming Assignments

Program 1: proj1.txt
Program 2: proj2.txt
Program 3: proj3.txt
Program 4: proj4.txt

Advance Software Design and Programming, IS 375

The first programming class required by EMU was an Introduction to Programming with Cobol. Second, the University offered an Introduction to Object Oriented Programming with C++. Third, Introduction to Data Structure with C++ thaught how to implement and uses various data structures. Finally, IS 375 is the final programming class of the series of programming classes required by the School of Business for a computer information systems degree. The class explored some of the uses Java. IS 375 covered topics such as sockets, database connectivity, applets and user interfaces.

Programming Assignments

Program 2, create a Java applet that is a calculator that adds and subtracts numbers.
Program 2: Calculator Applet
Program 2 source code: Calc.java

Program 3 created a class hierarchy of different types of employees.
Base class Employee: Employee.java
Super class BlueCollar: Blue Collar.java
Super class LineWorker: LineWorker.java
Super class WhiteCollar: WhiteCollar.java

Program 4 uses the class hierarchy created in program 3. The Program uses a swing GUI for the user interface and uses serialization save employees objects to a file.
Base GUI class: EmpGUI.java
Super GUI class LineWorkerGUI: LineWorkerGUI.java
Super GUI class WhiteCollarGUI: WhiteCollarGUI.java

Programs 5 and 6 uses jdbc to connect to a Microsoft Access database and perform various operations on the database.
Program 5 creates a database table with jdbc, then inserts some records into the database and does a simple query.
Program 5 source code: AlbumDatabase.java

Program 6 performs a number of queries on a database by using jdbc.
Program 6 source code: DatabaseQuery.java

Program 7 resolves both IP address to domain names and domain names to IP addresses.
Program 7 source code: DNSResolver.java

Program 8 uses sockets to create a simple client/server program, which the client sends strings to the server.
Server code: SocketReader.java
Client code: SocketWriter.java

Operating Systems, IS U416

IS 416, Operating Systems, taught the basics of UNIX system administration. To begin, the core UNIX utilities were covered, such as ls, chmod, touch, mkdir, rm, mv, less, vi, etc. During this class, students also learned to write both shell scripts (bash, korn, etc) and Perl scripts. In addition, the class covered an introduction to the Apache web server.

Prior to this class, I had no experience with either UNIX or Linux. Based on a recommendation of the professor, I installed Linux for the first time on my home PC. As a result of taking this class, I have maintained a Linux system, and I have become very interested in open source software.

Programming Assignments

Shell script that sends an email message to loged on users hw2.txt

Advance Database Design, IS 421

IS 421 is the second in a sequence of database classes taught at Eastern Michigan. In the first class, MS Access is used to teach database theory. For IS 421, Oracle 8i was used to further explore topics in database theory. The highlight of this class was a semester project to create a database for a ficticious video store. For the video store project, our team used Oracle to store the data and used Microsoft Access forms for a front-end to the database.

Programming Assignments

Entity Relationship diagram: 421_proj.pdf
SQL statements to create tables: create_tables.txt

Information System Design, IS 449

IS 449, Information System Design, consisted of a semester-long team project to implement an information system. Our team implemented an online registration system for the Ann Arbor Oracle User Group

Semester Project

Software Manual: manual.zip
User Manual: user_manual.zip

Strategic Management, MGMT 490

A few papers I had to wrtie about Cannondale Corporation, which analyzed different aspects of the corporation


Cannondale Coorporation
Analysis of Cannondale's External Environment